11 Coded Messages Every Man Should Know About Women

Women are regarded as being secretive and shy about sharing their actual feelings. Women may need to master this ability for their own safety or for social acceptance.

Sometimes, even when women are trying to be cryptic, they assume that what they are saying is immediately clear to the listener. However, most men fail to understand the main point of the situation.

Here are 11 important words for men to understand about women:

  • “I do like you, but”

Most girls who say this to a guy aren’t interested and are just trying to let them down gently, but there is the rare scenario where there is an actual explanation as to why they can’t date you.

  • “I have a boyfriend.”

There are two possible interpretations. Either she really is seeing someone, or she’s just giving you a flimsy excuse. However, the underlying request is always the same: she wants you to leave her alone.

  • “I have to leave right now”

If a girl ever says this to you, you’ve probably made her feel too uneasy around you to continue spending time with you.

  • “Let’s keep things casual.”

Surprise! When a woman finds a man attractive but realises that they aren’t emotionally compatible, she may reasonably prefer to keep things on the down low with him. You’re definitely sexy enough to get laid, but you’re not what I’m looking for in a lover. Friends With Benefits (FWB)?”

  • “He’s nice”

A woman who uses this phrase is hesitating between two suitors. Or, they could be a genuine reflection of the fact that he is a nice friend.

  • “Let’s just be friends”

If the guy isn’t being creepy about it, girls who say this are serious about wanting to be friends. Men typically react negatively to this, so it doesn’t happen often. So, in most cases, this means, “Please stop hitting on me; you’re making me feel too uneasy, and if you’re going to continue acting this way, I’d like to be left alone. 

  • “I’m not ready to date right now.”

This appears to apply to both genders in much the same way. Someone who says this is emphatically not interested in pursuing a romantic relationship with you during that period of time. Sorry.”

  • “Your girlfriend is one lucky lady.”

One interpretation is that she likes the guy, while another is that she doesn’t want to be a side chick and wants to remind him that he’s taken. If a girl you’ve never met before says this, she’s probably checking you out.

  • “Let’s take things slow.”

There are only two possible explanations for why a girl would say this. She feels that he’s becoming too possessive or too physical, too fast. It could also indicate that she is scared of moving further with you because she fears that you are a psycho. 

  • “I’m fine.”

Some of the girls you encounter can make you believe that everything is fine and wonderful just by looking at them. If she isn’t happy and smiling, she’s not doing well. Either she has already told you what’s bothering her and you didn’t listen the first time, or she doesn’t want to talk to you about it.

  • “It doesn’t even matter.”

When she says this with a smile or seems unconcerned, it’s likely she really doesn’t care. When she says this when she’s angry, you know that whatever it is matters and that you’ve done something very wrong.

Source – Tru News Report

Frebetha Atieku Adjoh

News Editor, Lover of Arts & Entertainment

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