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Berla Mundi Finally Reveals Why She Left GhOne To TV3

Berla Mundi has shared the reason behind her move from GHOne to TV3 during a summit, emphasizing the challenges she faced during her final days at GHOne.

She mentioned that after interviewing all the significant celebrities in the industry on her show Rhythms, she felt there was no more room for growth and requested a new program to showcase her skills.

Berla said that, unfortunately, her request was denied by her superiors, leading her to feel stagnant in her role. Feeling unfulfilled, she resorted to reusing questions for returning guests, which ultimately pushed her to consider leaving the station.

Despite initially considering a move to TV3, she decided to give GHOne another chance, only to face internal conflicts with colleagues that left her emotionally drained.

Eventually, the negative environment led her to make the difficult decision to part ways with GHOne.

Here’s what she stated:

“The latter parts of my days at GHOne had become very tough. I felt like I had grown to a certain limit, and the platform could not afford what I wanted anymore.

But I was afraid to make that bold step to leave. That was because my whole journey as a broadcast journalist had started with GHOne. From the inception up to that point in my life, I felt like I owed the company something—a favour or my career. I was looking for a way to move because things had become very difficult. I just wasn’t finding myself in that space anymore.”

“TV3 got in touch with me. The first time, I wanted to move, and I told them I’d come, but at the same time, in the back of my mind, I felt like they were jokers because I was not moving.

I had signed the contract and everything, and it was time for me to move, and then I had to tell them the bitter truth: I am sorry, but I cannot make it. I was so afraid to move that I got stuck in that space. For another six months, I was there. My first move was in March, but my final move was in September.

“While I was in GHOne, things took a turn. The backbiting started; there were a lot of accusations here and there, and there were people who were treating me like I didn’t matter, and I just didn’t understand what it meant.

It was just God making things uncomfortable for me. I just told my manager, Let’s see if there’s still space for me at TV3, and there was space for me. They reserved that space for me, and I was willing to leave because, at that time, I didn’t see myself growing at that point. I was so depressed,” she explained.

Source – Tru News Report


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