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Rihanna, Baby, and A$AP Rocky Appear on the Cover of British Vogue—See the Incredible Photos 

Rihanna is British Vogue’s March 2023 cover star, along with her son and partner, A$AP Rocky.

The family of three is featured in the March issue of the magazine, posing as a beautiful trio on the beach on the cover, while mom and baby boy pose inside the magazine. It is the singer’s first in-depth interview since giving birth; however, it was conducted before she announced her second pregnancy on Super Bowl Sunday.

Being A Mother

Rihanna told the tabloid that her birth was “beautiful,” but that it took her some time to adjust to leaving the hospital with a new family member. “You’re like: they trusted us to come home with this baby? This new life? With us?” she said with a laugh, “No doctors, no nurses, we’re just … going home?”

The child’s name remains unknown, but she told Vogue that he now sleeps through the night and that her first few months as a mother were “legendary.” Her biggest issue post-birth thus far? Finding the appropriate clothes. “Dressing in postpartum, what the f— do you do? The week that I came home from the hospital – that was nothing but sweats and hoodies. But the weeks after that, you don’t know what to put on. Everything is too small or too big,” She stated.

Super Bawl

The interview was done about five weeks before the Super Bowl, with Vogue wondering why she changed her tune on performing after coming out adamantly against ever doing it in the past in solidarity with Colin Kaepernick.

“There’s still a lot of mending to be done in my eyes, but it’s powerful to break those doors, and have representation at such a high, high level and a consistent level,” she explained, saying that having “two Super Bowls back-to-back” highlight the “urban community, globally” is “powerful” and “sends a really strong message.” Being a mom to a young Black man also shifted her perspective, she said, adding, “You’re like, ‘What am I leaving my kids to? This is the planet they’re gonna be living on?’ All of those things really start to hit differently.”

New Music

She also addressed the question everyone is always asking her: When are we getting new music?

Saying she put a lot of pressure on herself after the release of “Anti,” which she considers her “most brilliant album,” she said she eventually realized “that if I keep waiting until this feels right and perfect and better, maybe it’s going to keep taking forever and maybe it’ll never come out and no, I’m not down to that.”

“I want it to be this year,” she added, as Vogue noted she was “very much unaware” of her pregnancy at the time. “Like, honestly, it’d be ridiculous if it’s not this year. But I just want to have fun. I just want to make music and make videos.”

The issue hits newsstands February 21. Read the complete interview on the British Vogue website.

Source – Tru News Report


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