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Travis Scott Plans To Study Architecture At Harvard When He’s ‘Done With Music’

Travis Scott, the rapper, has revealed that he intends to pursue architecture, his “true passion,” at Harvard University once he retires from rapping.

He spoke with ‘Pin-Up Magazine‘ about his career and more as he covered the latest “Body Issue” on Wednesday (May 24).

Scott stated in an interview, “Architecture is my true passion. I plan to apply to the architecture program at Harvard GSD [Graduate School Of Design] when I’m done with music, which won’t be for a while. It would be dope to do both at the same time.”

Scott has been indicating his desire to attend Harvard for quite some time. In 2018, he was invited to lecture at Harvard University, where he taught 500 students a Master Class on Creativity.

Scott’s interest in architecture is genuine, as he is not hesitant to delve into specifics and acknowledge the greats.

Also, when speaking on who has artistically influenced him the most, Scott revealed that he looks up to the late and great designer Virgil Abloh.

He explained, “Making an impact is fun. But sometimes people also flip the question on you in weird ways. There are people who don’t understand why you’re influential, and it can become an issue. The person who had the greatest impact on me and my taste level was Virgil [Abloh]. He was a true inspiration.”

Scott is not the only rapper with an architectural interest. Kanye West, who is also known for his fashion design, has expressed interest in architecture and urban planning. Jay-Z is also an architect, collaborating with renowned architect Renzo Piano to design the Barclays Centre in Brooklyn.

The “Astroworld” rapper has been teasing his forthcoming album, “Utopia,” which has been in the works since early 2022. We simply cannot wait.

Source – Tru News Report

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