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Corruption Watch Exposes Massive Corruption Inside The DVLA [Video]

Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) employees in the Greater Accra Regional Office at 37 and the Tamale Regional Office in the Northern Region, have been exposed by the Corruption Watch as they assist license applicants to bribe their way through the application process.

The video reveals that applicants pay more than double the standard fee for a driver’s license so that they may skip the required 48-hour driver education course, online exam, in-traffic driving test, and road sign test and still get their licenses.

Surprisingly, DVLA employees were caught on tape stating that they would assist applicants with vision impairments in passing the required eye exam for a higher fee.

Fatal accidents on Ghana’s roads have become a common occurrence, and many of them have been blamed on negative driver misconduct.

Between January and November of this year for instance, there were 13,675 road accidents reported in Ghana by the Motor Traffic and Transport Department of the Ghana Police Service.

There were 2,171 fatalities, and 14,239 injuries.

Increase in reckless driver behaviour are contributing factors in many of these collisions.

Watch video below

The National Road Safety Authority’s (NRSA) Head of Regulation, Inspection, and Compliance, Kwame Koduah Atuahene, is concerned about the prevalence of fraudulent means of obtaining a driver’s license. This is especially concerning given the inherent dangers of driving, which necessitates verified competence.

According to the Ghana Private Road Transport Union, (GPRTU), inexperienced drivers are to blame for most of the tragedies.

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