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DNA Test Reveals Nigerian Footballer Kayode Olanrewaju Is Not The Father Of His 3 Children

In another emotional report regarding paternity fraud, Nigerian footballer Kayode Olanrewaju has received the results of a DNA test, which revealed that he is not the biological father of his three children with his wife, Ezinne Dora.

A few months ago, news of Dora’s infidelity made headlines, prompting Kayode to conduct a DNA test to determine the paternity of the children.

The test aimed to ascertain whether the kids were his or belonged to the pastor his wife was allegedly involved with.

Further investigation into this matter reveals that the footballer had previously shared distressing reports about his wife, highlighting her infidelity and involvement in forgery.

As a result, he recently removed all pictures of his wife and children from his Instagram page, leaving only his own photos.

According to PM News from Nigeria, Mrs. Kayode is said to have engaged in extramarital affairs with a UK-based Nigerian pastor named Tobi Adegboyega.

Allegedly, she participated in orgies and frequently absconded from home for extended periods. However, the authenticity of these claims cannot be verified by Pulse Sports at this time.

Additionally, the 30-year-old former Shakhtar Donetsk forward has accused his wife of stealing two Mercedes SUVs from him to support the lavish lifestyle of Pastor Adegboyega and his associates.

Furthermore, Olanrwaju’s estranged wife, Mrs. Kayode, is alleged to have conspired with realtor Ugochukwu Igboanugo and others to unlawfully transfer property ownership from the footballer to herself.

Amidst this alleged scandal, Olanrewaju Kayode has also claimed that his wife falsely presented herself as a lawyer and is suspected of drug abuse.

Pulse Sports also subsequently reported that the footballer fired his wife from her role as his agent.

Kayode, who is now a free agent having last played for Turkish club Gençlerbirliği,  is understood to have relieved his wife of her duties as his representative.

In the meantime, Dora refuted the accusations with the help of her legal team, who have sent a letter to Kayode instructing him to cease spreading false information about their client and her children in the media.

Additionally, they have demanded that the Super Eagles player publicly retract his claims that no DNA test was carried out on any of their three shared children.

Source – Tru News Report


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