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Amanda Jissih And MzGee Reconcile After 4 Years Of Beefing

Amanda Jissih and MzGee have smoked the peace pipe after four years of literally being on each other’s throat.

The reconciliation process was masterminded by ace broadcaster Abeiku Santana in the studios of United Television (UTV) during the last edition of the famed United Showbiz programme.

It’s not clear what caused the rift between the two media personalities who were once employees at Multimedia Group Limited. Their issue transcended to social media where they aimed shots at each other directly and in some cases subliminally.

Abeiku Santana, the host of United Showbiz, aided by regular panellist A Plus, got the women to open up about their protracted feud so they could prescribe a remedy for them. MzGee had been avoiding Amanda Jissih for a very long time, according to Amanda Jissih, who blocked her on Whatsapp despite the fact that she didn’t have a problem with MzGee.

MzGee, on the other side, claimed that Amanda Jissih had been making unfavourable rumours about her. However, the two women agreed that their conflicts were in the past and that they were ready to become friends again.

Tru News Report chanced on a Twitter post showing the two ladies finally ending their beef with a warm embrace while the studio guests cheered on.

Source – Tru News Report


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