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Don’t Rely On So-Called Spiritual Fathers to Pray On Your Behalf- Yvonne Nelson To Christians

Yvonne Nelson has bluntly told modern Christians to be discerning and stop putting their destiny (as it were) into the hands of men of God recklessly.

Essentially, the beautiful actress and filmmaker said a Christian does not need to solely depend on a pastor or any religious leader to pray on their behalf because they also wield the same power.

“You can pray and read the word; no need to rely solely on spiritual fathers to pray on your behalf. People pay pastors to pray for them and I feel it’s laziness because you can do all those for yourself as a child of God,” she said in a fresh interview on Kingdom FM.

The outspoken actress also criticized how some so-called men of God exploit Christians by turning churches into profit-oriented enterprises rather than places of worship.

Yvonne Nelson continues by saying that despite her views on contemporary pastors and churches, she still firmly believes in God, especially dreams.

“I believe in dreams, not necessarily prophesies. If God wants to reveal something about me, he can show it in my dream or someone close to me can also dream about it. I don’t need a pastor to tell me God is real, Jesus and the Holy Spirit is real,” she said.

In her final words, the actress urged Christians to pray for a discernment spirit that would enable them to tell the difference between genuine men of God and imposters.

Source – Tru News Report


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