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A Lot Of People On Social Media Don’t Have Sense- Funny Face’s Baby Mama Spits Fire

Vanessa Nicole has responded to the abuse and trolls she has been receiving since she suggested a potential reconciliation with Funny Face.

Nicole is not pleased with the treatment she has received from trolls after a recent interview she gave to Kwaku Manu in which she stated that the drama she had with her famous husband Funny Face is over because she is now much more mature and would like to rekindle their relationship.

Recall that in her conversation with Kwaku Manu, the comedian and actor, Nicole made it clear that she had grown up and would handle situations better than she had in the past, which would have resulted in less drama and constant arguing between them.

“If Funny Face would want the kids and me to come home at least for a week or two, why not? It gets to a point in life where you have to mature. We have done a lot of things and been through a lot. We even have kids, three of them. So, spending a week or two with him won’t make any difference. It’s not like I intend to hurt him or he might hurt me. He would’ve hurt me long ago if really, he wanted to,” she told Kwaku Manu.

Vanessa has made the decision to reply to her critics on social media even if Funny Face has not yet commented on the subject. In a different post, Vanessa emphasizes her priorities, stating that at this stage in her life, she values consistency, stability, loyalty, and respect above all else.

She highlights the fact that those who speak without proper understanding are merely engaging in the cheap and ignorant nature of social media, where anyone can create an account without going through any mental health assessment, in one of her posts, where she asks readers to watch the entire interview before passing judgment.

“The sensible ones will watch the full interview before commenting. The ignorant ones will say anything because talk is cheap, and besides, social media is a place you can open an account without any mental checkup.”

Vanessa stresses her priorities in another post, adding that she values consistency, stability, loyalty, and respect above everything else at this point in her life.

“At this age, I’m only interested in consistency, stability, loyalty, and respect”

Where are Funny Face children?

Benson Nana Oduro Boateng, better known as Funny Face recently revealed in a new interview that he has no idea where his two daughters are.

The Ghanaian actor and comedian, who augmented his mainstream relevance on the defunct TV series Chorkor Trotro admitted that to better his mental health, he has chosen to abandon the idea of searching for them.

Speaking recently on Hitz FM’s Daybreak program, which Graphic Showbiz was listening to, he admitted that even though he was unaware of the whereabouts of his twin girls Bella and Ella at the time, his manager was in constant communication with them. Funny Face discussed the root of his depression during the conversation, among many other topics.

“Buttocks didn’t take me through depression, the love of my children sent me into that state. I was so crazy about my daughters to the extent that when they were crawling when they fall and cry I cry too.

“Naturally, I am an emotional person and I love people’s kids deeply, so, how much my own? So, when they were no more with me I couldn’t take it, I lost it. Their toys are in the room and when I see (them), my triggers go level 10, it was that bad,” he said.

Funny Face acknowledged that his stay in a mental health facility aided his recovery.

“When I went to the psychiatric hospital and they told me ‘you do not have a problem, yours is your emotions. When you get a grasp of your emotions you are okay. Your kids, everybody knows you do everything for them, so currently start working on yourself, focus on your mental health,” he said.

Source – Tru News Report


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