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I Ended Up Struggling And Getting Out- LL Cool J Recalls How He Almost Drowned On A Movie Set

In the 1999 sci-fi thriller Deep Blue Sea, LL COOL J reflected on the time when his scene-stealing performance nearly became tragic.

This week’s edition of Hot Ones featured the Hip Hop legend, who was questioned about a number of little-known details regarding his extensive film and music career.

One of them was the unexpected finding that one of the artificial sharks used in the movie came dangerously close to killing him. According to LL, he was shooting a scene with the robotic animal right before the crew was told it was time for lunch.

He recalled, “They bailed on me while I was in the midst of a take because the man holding the [shark’s controller] just broke.”

While they gave him a device to assist with his breathing, LL COOL J said that when he attempted to breath in air, all he got from the device was water instead, which “took it to another level.

I ended up struggling and getting out,” he added. “And when I climbed out [the pool], there was this one dude sitting there with a cigarette [laughing like], ‘I saw what happened’”

With more than a dozen credits under his belt, LL COOL J was well on his way to making a name for himself in Hollywood before making an appearance in Deep Blue Sea.

Since then, he has moved his acting career from film to television, where he has achieved success most notably as Special Agent Sam Hanna on NCIS: Los Angeles.

Source – Tru News Report


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