Idol Worshipper Like You Should Have Died In Atsu’s Place- Diana Asamoah Tackles Nana Agradaa

Evangelist Diana Asamoah has unequivocally tackled Nana Agradaa aka Mama Pat for making derogatory comments about the death of Christian Atsu.

Nana Agradaa shocked Ghanaians when she ’emerged from nowhere’ to say Atsu’s death is a result of the pact he made with the devil hence she is not moved by the kind words people are heaping on him in the shape of tributes since he died.

She was quoted as saying;

To us, we think Atsu is a complete angel, but it is otherwise in the sight of God. What human beings approve of is not what God approves. If you belong to the world, the world will hail you, but if you belong to God, thousands of angels will back you.

Her comment received widespread condemnation prompting her to come out with a profuse apology to the family of the deceased.

Responding to the claim by Nana Agradaa, Diana Asamoah bluntly said in any case, it’s an idol worshipper like Nana Agradaa who should have died in place of Christian Atsu. She fired her salvos from the studio of Angel FM in a new interview saying;

“You were the idol worshipper. You noticed it didn’t work. You are the one with a fraudulent nature and the habit of stealing and swindling others. Can you say that the houses you built were from a good source? You built those houses with monies from defrauding and stealing from others. Keep quiet! I don’t want to vent out, so shut up! This young life has been cut short and we are all in pain,” she said.

She added that “you are even the one supposed to die and not Atsu. It’s impossible to dictate to God because you were the one supposed to die because we benefit from Atsu’s existence. Prisoners, orphans, in fact, the entire country benefited from him. But as for you, you even have the tendency to swindle prisoners. You can even deceive kids and steal their fees”.

You think because we are quiet, we are scared of you. If after all, you have done, God hasn’t killed you and you are still walking about freely, it’s because God does not want you to die from your sins. Repent! And stop the habit of flaunting that church of yours. If truly you have accepted Christ, it should reflect in your lifestyle. You think you’re the only mean one. If truly, you have repented from idol worship and have transitioned into the Christian faith, leave a holy life”.

Christian Atsu’s agent and manager sadly confirmed his passing at the age of 31 a few days ago.

Following the tragic earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria on Monday, February 6, the former Premier League player, who played for both Newcastle United and Chelsea, went missing.

Now that his body has been found on Saturday morning this has brought sorrowful confirmation of the terrible news by his agent who has been providing updates about the player since conflicting reports about his whereabouts dominated tabloids across the world.

Only hours before the tragic incident took place, he scored a last-second winner for his current club Hatayspor against Turkish Super Lig rivals Kasimpasa on February 5 at home. Atsu joined the Turkish side in September of last year and was in Antakya at the time of earlier this month’s earthquake.

His agent, Nana Sechere, said: “It is with the heaviest of hearts that I have to announce to all well-wishers that sadly Christian Atsu’s body was recovered this morning My deepest condolences go to his family and loved ones. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their prayers and support.

“I ask that whilst we make the necessary arrangements, that everyone would please respect the privacy of the family during this very difficult time.”

Source – Tru News Report


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