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Live Within Your Means – Reality Star, Kachi Slams Beauty Tukura Over Post On N500k Photoshoot

Reality TV star Beauty Tukura recently talked about the exorbitant prices Lagos photographers charged after one of them charged her N500,000 for a photoshoot.

She said she thought it was absurd to have to pay a photographer more just because he was working on the weekend or leaving his studio. She shared her experience on Twitter while asking her fans what they think about the issue as seen below;

In reaction, Kachi said that since she always flaunts her luxurious lifestyle on social media, it was normal to be charged proportionally.

He then asked her rhetorically whether the pressure to live like a celebrity was getting worst. Kachi said that celebs who ‘live large’ on social media avoid direct contact with vendors and instead choose to cut corners in situations like this so they are not charged exorbitantly.

Ultimately, he advised people not to allow anyone to put them under pressure and encouraged everyone to live with what they can afford.

In his words:

“You flaunt a rich lifestyle on the gram and have been billed accordingly. Why complain though? Is the pressure getting wersserr? The reason most of your fave don’t contact vendors directly is simply because they probably cannot afford such a person but decided to go through corners.MORALS: Don’t let anyone put you under pressure, LIVE WITHIN YOUR MEANS!!”

See the post below:

Source – Tru News Report


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