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Lydia Forson Drags Adom TV Journalist For Asking One of Atsu’s Children Whether He Was Sad At Funeral Ground

Following the uproar generated on social media after a journalist affiliated with Adom TV, a subsidiary of Multimedia Group goofed at the funeral of Christian Atsu, actress Lydia Forson has weighed in on the foregoing.

The ‘Perfect Picture’ leading character said what the unnamed journalist did when he asked whether one of Atsu’s children was sad at the funeral ground is grossly unprofessional in consonance with what netizens are saying on social media.

She tweeted, “Funerals are not concerts or for entertainment! Reporters should learn some decorum in how they cover and engage with mourners! How do you ask someone if they’re “sad”?! And shoving cameras in people’s faces and not giving them even a moment of privacy. Like?!!

Meanwhile, Christian Atsu’s three children paid a heartfelt tribute to their late father by expressing how much they would miss him.

Atsu, who played more than 60 times for Ghana and scored nine goals, sadly passed away in February after spending more than a week under the rubble as a result of the devastating earthquake in Turkey.

In expressing their love for their father, Atsu’s two sons and daughter said that he always accepted and adored them.

They said, “We missed you, dad. You loved us for who we were and accepted us for who we were striving to become. You always made us smile and filled us with strength.

Your strength gave us a sense of protection and love. Now that you are in heaven, we know that you will continue to protect us. Thanks for being our dad. We will always love and miss you. Rest well, dad.”

Source – Tru News Report


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