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Sarkodie Says In Fresh Interview That He Has About 800 Unreleased Songs

During an interview on YFM, he revealed that many of these were recorded around the same time that he was putting the finishing touches on his third studio album, which is titled “Sarkology.”

The album ultimately contains thirty tracks, including such chart-topping singles as “Special Someone” (which features Burna Boy and the late AKA), “Down on One,” “Pon D Ting,” “Bounce,” and “Devil in Me.”

“It was an era where I was recording too much. I knew myself that if I halted that music it will never come out. He later revealed to the show host Kojo Manuel “From that time till now, I still have almost close to 800 songs unreleased,”.

According to Sarkodie, the songs are in various stages of completion; some of them are finished, some only have one verse and the chorus, and others do not have the chorus at all. At that time, it was just me recording a bunch of songs. And I just had to put them out there, because I record a lot. Now, my pace is a bit slow, but that era was just me trying to put songs out.

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Source – Tru News Report

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