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T.I. Hints Final Album ‘Kill the King’ As The Official Funeral For Reign

T.I. is tired of being known as the “King of the South,” and he is promoting his upcoming album, “Kill the King,” as the official funeral for his famous catchphrase.

According to TMZ, “Kill the King” will be T.I.’s last solo album.

The Atlanta rap legend explains that he adopted the title after hearing Mystikal refer to himself as “Prince of the South” on the 2001 album “Tawny Spider.” According to Tip, he noticed a throne vacancy and claimed it.

He was later approved by his iconic contemporaries Outkast, Scarface, 8Ball, and MJG. but Big Boi cautioned him that the “Kang” moniker would come with a colossal can of worms, which T.I. acknowledges it did.

The royal title, among other debacles, prompted a short-lived spat with Ludacris’ team, and T.I. claims he is completely capable of deflating his own ego.

There is no schedule for greatness, but a report indicates he disclosed that Jermaine Dupri just rewarded him with a banger, so the album is now in the works.

In addition to recording his final album, T.I. has numerous other projects in development.

He just became a brand ambassador for a cannabis firm run by African-Americans, and he is also anticipating the 20th anniversary of his breakthrough record “Trap Muzik” in August, which will coincide with the 50th anniversary of hip hop.

T.I. and Grand Hustle introduced the now-iconic Trap Museum in Atlanta for the 15th anniversary, but Tru News Report surmises he is keeping the details of the upcoming event under wraps for the time being.

Source – Tru News Report


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