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Wizkid Shares Cute Photos Of His 4th Son For The First Time

Afrobeats musician Wizkid recently shared a rare snapshot of his 5-month-old son with his devoted following.

Wizkid welcomed his second child (and 4th overall) with his manager, Jada Pollock back in October 2022. Pollock at that time broke the news in an Instagram post which showed her cradling her first son and new baby.

She accompanied the picture with a caption that read, “Beyond a blessing. Thank God for another year.”

As far as this new report is concerned, Big Wiz posted three pictures of himself and his adorable youngster on Instagram as sighted by Tru News Report.

Evidently, Wizkid was seen holding his 5-month-old son with his braided hair as they emitted a father and son bond.

Recently, Wizkid had the opportunity to speak with a little girl who conducted an interview with him and asked him many questions about his music and Afrobeats in general.

The Nigerian artist, who is regarded as the biggest act of his generation, correctly stated that music is a worldwide language, thus one does not need to be able to speak the language of the song in order to enjoy it.

During an interview with the little girl who is rumoured to be an actress on Jazzy’s World TV about his music and Afrobeats acceptance around the world, he made this claim.

The girl admitted to Starboy that although she enjoys Afrobeats and his music immensely, she frequently cannot understand the words. She came to the conclusion that since music is a universal language and talks directly to the heart, it is all that matters, and Wizkid fully agreed.

Source – Tru News Report


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