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Fameye’s Career Will Die Soon – Prophet Nigel Gaisie Drops Sad Revelation

Prophet Nigel Gaisei has said because Fameye failed to honour God after he elevated him, his blossoming career will soon fade into oblivion.

The controversial man of God- who rose to fame on prophecies he weaves around celebs, notably his exact prediction of singer Ebony’s death, said recently on Power FM that Fameye has forgotten about him after he prayed for him to become a star.

In his opinion, he was the one whose anointing and power elevated Fameye after he visited his church for direction in his life when he was a nobody, but he has forgotten about him now that he has become a household name.

He narrated how the spirit of God asked him to help the ‘Nothing I Get’ hitmaker but he has shunned him since he attained fame and this is something that will soon kill his career.

Interestingly, a few weeks ago, Fameye said that he was having affairs with three ladies at once before breaking into the mainstream and becoming well-known.

The singer went on to say that he eventually discarded all of them when Prophet Nigel Gaisie gave him a doomsday prophecy, which he strictly followed and which allowed him to change his life.

“After his death prophesies, my soul nearly left my body. I even broke up with all my girlfriends. I had about three women at the time.

The prophet even gave me the date I was going to die. Recently I was in America when he tweeted that I have been ungrateful to him after his prophecy about me came to pass,”

Fameye said this during a recent interview on Culture Daily on 3 Music in reaction to Gaisie’s proclamation that he has snubbed him since his prophecy about his life came to pass.

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