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Fella Makafui Reveals What She Would Do With Tattoo Of Medikal On Her Body

Fella Makafui has disclosed her plans for the tattoo of Medikal on her body following their separation.

The YOLO actress says she has decided to retain the tattoo as a sign of respect for the father of her child.

Demonstrating an exceptional level of maturity, Fella Makafui expressed that she and Medikal shared a delightful period, during which they decided to permanently ink each other’s names on their bodies as a symbol of their deep affection.

Despite their marriage now being on the rocks, she firmly stated her decision to keep the tattoos intact.

“It is going to be there forever. If I will take it off, I would have done that long ago. No, we have a good amazing moment. We’ve brought up a nice product so why should I take it off?”

Weeks ago, Tru News Report uncovered a development regarding celebrity couple Medikal and Fella Makafui, suggesting that the divorce rumours may indeed be true.

This was evident after rapper Medikal replaced the tattoo of his wife Fella Makafui’s name on his skin with new ink, indicating a significant change in their relationship status.

The rapper shared a photo on social media showcasing his hand adorned with various tattoos, including one dedicated to his daughter, Island Frimpong.

Addtionally, news of the divorce emerged online when Medikal posted on X that he and Makafui are no longer together, opting to co-parent their child amicably.

The reason behind their split was not disclosed by the rapper by the former AMG member.

Some speculated this announcement could be a publicity stunt ahead of his London concert, especially considering his recent online feuds with Showboy and Criss Waddle.

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Source – Tru News Report


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