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Boat sailor Responsible For Disaster On Volta Lake Arrested

The police have detained Sailor Gabriel Ajigodi, who was at the helm when his boat capsized on the Volta Lake on Saturday morning, according to a recent update to the Volta Lake tragedy as seen on

While he is being detained at the Ada Foah Police Station, the young man has reportedly been questioned about the disaster. Five people have been confirmed dead as a result of the tragedy, and more are still missing. Daniel Adzakpa, an assemblyman from the region, told TV3 that the boat was overcrowded leading to the accident.

The boat could only accommodate 25 people, but there were more than 60 on board, according to the report. Additionally, some witnesses who were on the boat when the incident happened were said to have implored Gabriel Ajigodi to drive them back to where they boarded after telling him about the overload.

When they discovered the burden was too great, Mary Donuki, 22, told TV3’s Joseph Armstrong on Saturday that they asked to be sent back to Azizanya. They reportedly cried out, but the sailor ignored them and vowed to take them safely to Azizakpe. But in the midst of the journey, a catastrophe occurred.

Mary Donuki lost her only one-and-a-half-year baby. There is still a search party in the area striving to locate some more survivors.

Source – Tru News Report


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