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Naija Groom Dumps Bride After In-Laws Asked Him to Pay All The Money Spent On His Woman From Primary To University

A brief drama was enacted somewhere in Nigeria when a groom opted to flee during his engagement ceremony in Imo State because of the outrageous amount of money he was required to pay.

According to the news shared by multiple online portals, the young man had spent N1,500,000 on food catering, tents, chairs, and a PA system for their traditional wedding already.

Apparently, he was also required to set aside N100,000 for the bride price that had been agreed upon by the two families. Given that he had already given the daughter birth, Biobelemoye David was requested to add N50,000 to the bride price. Due to his erroneous turn and subsequent arrival to a different homestead than the girl’s, he was fined N10,000.

In order to placate the elders who had grown weary of waiting for him, he was also required to pay N15,000. Drama, however, broke out when Biobelemoye David was asked to identify his fiancée from a parade of twelve girls dressed in flowing robes from head to toe.

He gestured in the wrong direction, which resulted in a third N15,000 fine. The elders’ demand for a return of the N850,000 total paid for the girl’s school fees and maintenance since she began primary school was the turning point in the situation.

Biobelemoye David excused himself to use the restroom and then vanished, trying his best to conceal his rage. He turned off his phone and was last observed boarding a bus from Imo to Bayelsa State.

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