Otumfuo Meets Awomefia

The Ashanti and Ewe royalties in one place for a
historical event! That’s what’s happening in a few

On Saturday, November 5, 2024, the Ashanti King, Otumfuo Osei Tutu I will meet the Ewe Paramount Chief, Awoemefia Togbi Sri Ill to mark the 2022 Hogbetsotso Festival in the Volta Region.

It could be added to the historical books containing records of the long-lasting cordial relationship with Ashanti and Ewe royalty.

As part of efforts to mark the 60th edition of the
historical festival this year, the Awoemefia who is the Paramount Chief of all Anlo States invited Otumfuo Osei Tutu, the Ga Mantse, Nil Tackie Teiko Tsuru II, Paramount Chief of Kwahu Traditional Area, Daasebre Akumoah Agyapong Il and the current King Agorkoli of Nortsie of Togo.

Ahead of the event, a list has emerged online that is allegedly the full list of people who will form the
entourage accompanying the Asantehene, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, to the 2022 Hogbetsotso Festival.

While GhanaWeb cannot independently confirm the authenticity or otherwise of the list, the list indicates that there will be a total of 211 people.

According to the list, there will be 8 Nkonwasoafuo, 25 Afenasoafuo/ Atuntufuo, 10 Kyineyetufuo, 1 Apimasantan, 1 Sika Akua, 4 Sanaafuo, 10 Afotosanfuo, 10 Abenasanfuo, 10, Nsumankwafuo, 6 Asomfo, and 8 Nseneefuo.

The others are 4 Danponmu/Papahufuo, 8 Ahoprafuo, 10 Akyemfuo, 3 Somisisi, 5 Adwareye, 5 each for Adum/Abrafuo, 2 Animuyesum, 10
Fontomfrom/Atumpan, 10 Fontomfromsuafuo, 4
Mpebi/Nkrawi, 4 Apeede, 4 Kwadwomfuo. 2 Drugya, and 10 Nyahera.

The rest are 10 Kokwanagya, 5 Mentiahyenfuo, 6
Sodoofuo, 2 Camera Men, and 3 Video Men.

Ewe-Ashanti relations:

Contrary to perceptions that Akans and Ewes have some rather unresolved differences and don’t meet ‘eye to eye’, the two have had inseparable relationship between the Anlos and the Ashantis.

Per history, a treaty was signed in 1865 between the then Asantehene and Awoemefia. Both leaders agreed at this point, to halt any further fights between them and forge to become allies.

2022 Hogbetsotso:

The theme for the celebration is “60 Years of Anlo Hogbetsotso Za: Uniting for Development, Sustaining our Unique Cultural Commonwealth for Future Generations”.

The Hogbetsotso Festival is a migratory festival that has been celebrated by the Anlos for many years now.

It also serves as a uniting event for citizens of Anlo both at home and abroad. It is one big event that attracts lots of tourists from far and near to see the beautiful display of culture and tradition.

Source: Ghanaweb

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