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Woman Divorces Husband, Marries Her Daughter’s Boyfriend

A woman from Kano in Nigeria, Malama Khadija has reportedly ended her own marriage and married the lover of her daughter.

According to reports, she married him in the state’s Rano Local Government Area after her daughter Aisha declined his marriage proposal.

However, the woman’s family alleged that the Hisbah Commandant of Rano LGA had married off their daughter without their knowledge and without their consent.

When they found out that Khadija had wed a younger man without telling her family, they went to a radio station to make a report.

Khadija afterwards came to the station and responded that she was content with her new spouse and that she was.

The woman claims that Muslim clerics assured her that her marriage was not against Islamic law. Malama Khadija made the decision to protect herself and her daughter from losing the lover after her daughter declined his request for her hand in marriage. She claimed that after that, she got in touch with his future husband’s family to arrange the marriage procedures.

She said; “I didn’t do it with ignorance. I contacted clerics and they said it is not prohibited in Islam. When I contacted him (the new husband), he agreed, but my parents and relatives refused to do the marriage rites. That was why I decided to go to Hisbah and we are happily married now.”

Source – Tru News Report


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