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Ghanaians React As Kumasi Technical University First-Year Students Proudly Display Coal Pots They Moulded

Kumasi Technical University (KsTU) students enrolled in the Automotive Engineering programme have demonstrated their ingenuity by creating an innovative coal pot.

The students’ dedication and teamwork were evident as they successfully presented their creations to the university Management but Ghanaians on social media have slammed them for celebrating mediocrity.

Led by Gladys Cobbinah and her colleagues, the group ventured beyond their curriculum to explore new solutions and transform their idea into a tangible invention. Cobbinah expressed her gratitude for the unwavering support provided by the University’s Engineering department and highlighted the collaborative effort that made their achievement possible.

“With the support of my fellow colleagues and the guidance of our department, we were able to develop this coal pot. It’s a testament to the university’s commitment to fostering practical learning,” Cobbinah said.

The Registrar and his team were presented with the coal pots, which served as a testament to the students’ hands-on skills. According to a publication by the University Relations Office, these innovative designs and functional prototypes showcased the university’s emphasis on the practical application of theoretical knowledge.

In a considerate gesture, the university staff would receive these innovative coal pots, providing a sustainable solution for the university community while highlighting the students’ creativity. During a small ceremony, the Registrar, Mr. Ebenezer Kofi Boakye, expressed admiration for the students’ work and emphasized the importance of fostering a culture of innovation and creativity within the university.

Kumasi Technical University remains a center of forward-thinking education, encouraging students to think beyond the confines of the classroom and contribute to real-world challenges.

The success of these first-year students in creating functional coal pots serves as an inspiring example of the university’s dedication to promoting practical learning and innovation.

Tru News Report has compiled a range of comments from Ghanaians who expressed diverse reactions, including criticism, towards the promotion of an accomplishment that many individuals without formal education have been performing for years.

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Source – Tru News Report


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