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Gigantic And Famous: Ghana’s ‘Tallest Man’ Speaks About Ill-Health; Calls For Support To Undergo Surgery

Being unique in terms of stature may come with positive consequences, but there are negative effects too.

29-year old Sulemana Abdul Samed is believed to be Ghana’s tallest man at seven feet four inches. But he’s not only enjoying the fame as he faces financial and health challenges.

Samed needs oversized clothing, footwear and a bed amongst others, and he also has issues with his spinal cord.

In an interview on Citi TV, Samed appealed for support for a surgery to curtail his growth.

He claimed doctors at the Tamale Teaching Hospital have told him that he will increase in height if he doesn’t undergo a surgery. He’s thus concerned that a further increase in height will only worsen his health issues.

“I need help for surgery because the doctors said the growth is in my head, so I need surgery to stop it.”

He also complained about pains in his spinal cord.

Popularly referred to as ‘Awuche,’ Samed said his unusual stature requires that he sews with more yards of material which he’s unable to afford.

According to him, he has a tailor who sews his special outfits in the last seven years.

He says expenses on clothing is affecting his finances, leading to a collapse of his Mobile Money business.

He said he even struggles in his sleep even after combining his double-sized mattress and a student mattress to achieve the comfort he desires. According to ‘Awuche’, even with that, he still sleeps in a diagonal way.

As gigantic as he appears, Samed looks unfit at a closer look.

He is battling chronic wounds with a bandage tied to his left leg. He also has a visible wound on the right leg aside from other health conditions.

Samed enjoys the fame for his height, but he’s concerned about his ailing health.

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