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How My Friends Laced My Drink With Wee- Moesha Bodoung Bares It All

Moesha Bodoung recently shared a snippet of the psychological trauma she went through which monopolised the internet space in a fresh interview with Deloris (Delay) Frimpong Manso.

The Ghanaian socialite, actress and social media influencer grabbed the headlines for the umpteenth time after news emerged that she has gone insane after she saw voodoo items in a secret wardrobe of one of her sugar daddies during her numerous sexual escapades.

Shedding light on one of the aspects of this viral story and how her besties laced her drink with weed which made her high and drew her closer to God, Moesha was quoted as saying;

I had a few drinks with some friends that made me see things in a different way,” said Moesha. “All I felt was that I realized I was really seeing so many things that were not really making sense to me. And all of a sudden, I just started weeping.

And I felt this spirit all over my body and all of a sudden, I started feeling closer to God and God just kept making me feel powerful and special. And I just started speaking about God, called all my family members preaching to them… I just started seeing things, saying things to my family members and friends that were their real stories and I knew that God was really inside me.

Interestingly, Moesha reinforced the notion that it was the weed that actually made her love God more and felt the need to propagate the gospel on His behalf.

“The drink had hard drugs. I read something like it had weed; they just say hard drugs. Everyone that had that drink had similar reactions and everybody got better. I felt the presence of God and it’s been like that till now,” she said while stating her statement is not an endorsement of hard drugs but feels God saved her that very moment,” she concluded.

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