How To Hold A Conversation On A First Date

Good topics of discussion for a first date are not always easy to come by oft-times, you’re trying to measure compatibility with a complete stranger about whom you know little to nothing. Everything is occurring at once!

Here are some topics of conversation to help keep the conversation going during your first encounter.

1. Start with a relevant conversation
When on a first date, there’s no need to go into an interrogation straight away. After building rapport, deeper talks will be easier.

Start the date with a casual discussion about the context. Ask your date whether she’s been to the restaurant, how she found it, and what she enjoys about it. In a strange cocktail bar, ask him about his favorite drink and share yours. You might also chat about the place you’re in and how much time you’ve spent there, your date’s unusual attire or jewelry, or where they came from before meeting you.

From then, let the discussion flow—they may talk about how hard it is to find decent Thai food in your city, a buddy who brought them here, or how much they love dining outside. Listen, ask questions, and share your ideas and anecdotes about what your date said.

Some call this type of communication “small talk,” but the key to making it lively and exciting is truly interacting with what the other person is saying and leaning into any opportunity to share unique insights about themselves. Early disclosures and rapport-building will ease the next talk.

2. Ask how their day/week was

Don’t ignore this seemingly basic inquiry. This question reveals the person’s current preoccupation. When individuals talk about their day or week, they frequently reveal what’s bothering them, what they want, or what makes them happy.

First dates might seem awkward since each person takes turns asking each other basic get-to-know-you questions. Learn about their current world to break beyond the scripted replies and connect. Asking about their lives might help you connect. Even if they sigh and say work is difficult, ask a follow-up question to show you want to learn more.

3. Avoid rapidly switching between topics

Take your time with each issue, attempting to paint a complete picture of this aspect of your date’s life or thoughts while providing room for your date to discuss as much as they’d like on the topic at hand. Ensure that you take the time to express your opinions or tales connected to the issue so that they have a complete understanding of you.

4. Compliment them sincerely
Another method to demonstrate that you’re paying attention to your spouse is to congratulate them—and not only on their appearance. A little lighthearted flirtation is good, but check if you can find ways to praise your date’s personality or energy as well. After you’ve talked for a while, consider what small details you notice that you enjoy about being around this individual. Take note of someone’s jewelry, the logo on their T-shirt, their general energy level, their sense of humor, and their manner of expressing themselves, and applaud it.

5. Share some details about your background

Sharing childhood stories with your date might help you bond and learn more about each other. Talking about where you’re from, your family, and your childhood might help you understand one other. For instance, even though you’re the youngest of four and they’re an only kid, you may have watched the same shows, played the same video games, and attended comparable summer camps. Instead of asking census-like questions, be imaginative. “What intrigued you in school?” “How’s your family?” or “What’s your fondest childhood memory?” might start the topic.

6. Share Your Interests and Hobbies

On a first date, it’s vital that you discuss your shared interests and what makes you special. Share your passions with your date, whether you’re a musician, a yogi, or a die-hard football fan, and you’ll both have more in common. As you tell your date about the things that bring you joy, you also give them a chance to learn more about you. Discovering how people use their leisure time and personal preferences will provide you insight into both areas.

7. Talk about your favorite music

Talking about a person’s preferred music on a first date might reveal a lot. While you may discover that you and your date appreciate the same music and have even seen the same musicians or festivals live, you can also expand your music knowledge by learning about your date’s genres and musicians. Sharing music and concerts on a first date might help you bond and discover new music. Discuss the finest and worst performances you’ve seen or the musicians you’d like to see live.

8. Talk About Your Future Plans

Within the next five years, where do you see yourself? Suppose we fast-forward ten years. In order to get to know someone better, it might be helpful to have an open conversation about important life topics like these on a first date. Your date can get a better sense of who you are as a person if you talk about what you want to achieve with them, and it doesn’t have to be related to a profession. Asking, “What’s an accomplishment you’re proud of?” sets the tone for a good conversation. One might also be direct and ask, “What is your ideal job?”.

9. Talk About Food

Since eating isn’t necessarily part of a first date, discussing food is a fantastic approach to pave the way for a second encounter. Your date will get to know you better as you talk about the nicest places to eat in town, your favorite cuisines, and your favorite bakeries.

10. Do your best to keep things interesting

Do something about your boredom with a small conversation by coming up with some interesting topics to ask. Depending on your perspective, you could learn more about someone than you bargained for. Naturally, you should only search for information on topics that excite your curiosity. These questions vary from the standard format and encourage participants to provide their own answers.

Here are some tips; What tiny things always brighten your day? What were your oddest childhood habits?

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