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I Became A Cement Seller After I Left TV3- Bridget Otoo

Bridget Otoo has shared her personal journey during an interview with renowned Ghanaian satirist Kwaku Kintim Misa on his KSM show.

The former news anchor revealed that following her resignation from TV3, she resorted to selling cement as a salesgirl to make a living.

After taking a break from journalism, Bridget explained that the idea to sell cement came to her while she was staying in an unfinished building without basic amenities like electricity and water for eight months.

She mentioned that she had various business ideas but sought advice from a colleague who suggested the cement business.

Facing challenges such as financial constraints that prevented her from hiring a salesperson, Bridget took on the role herself for four years.

“Before I went to Metro, I took a break. I left TV3 in 2017, and during that break, I didn’t know what to do. I tried a few things, maybe get some Ubers, but I realised the drivers would give you a headache. A very good friend of mine at GIJ, who studied journalism, was also selling cement.”

“I told her I had moved to a developing area, living in an uncompleted building with no water and no light, and I said in this area, I think cement will sell. She agreed and taught me how to do it. I was able to get a few bags of cement with the help of a man and his wife, and I started selling. I couldn’t afford it, so I sat at the shop myself and sold as a salesgirl because I didn’t have 350 cedis to pay a salesgirl,” she said.

She told KSM that her cement gained traction and burgeoned as a result of time devotion and respect for her customers.

“For three weeks, they didn’t buy anything, but I kept sitting, and people came to make inquiries. I would sit on the aboboyaa with the driver and go to the various sites to beg people to buy from us. Eventually, they came, and with the customer service, I lay on the floor for them. We’ve been doing it for six years, and eventually, when it caught on, it was like magic. We could sell like 2,000 bags a week. I sold the cement from 2017 to 2021.”

Source – Tru News Report


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