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I Regret Making Songs Like ‘Obiaa Nye Obiaa’ And ‘Scent No’ – Barima Sidney

One of the prominent artists of the Hiplife era, Barima Sydney has expressed his regret over the majority of his songs from his prime.

He held that despite having some popular tracks at that time, these songs quickly faded into obscurity due to their controversial nature.

Sydney acknowledged during an interview on DL FM that his songs were unable to be played at outdoor events like other mainstream songs, primarily because they were either politically charged or surrounded by significant controversy.

During an interview monitored by Tru News Report, he specifically mentioned that songs like ‘Scent No’ and ‘Obiaa Nye Obiaa’ were unable to make it to parties and events, leading to their relevance being overshadowed and forgotten.

Reflecting on his past, Sydney admitted that he would have approached things differently.

Although he has produced numerous hit songs, the controversies and political undertones associated with his music prevented him from achieving greater success.


I regret making songs like ‘Obiaa Nye Obiaa’ and ‘Scent No’ – Sidney #barimasidney #dlfm #yekurakuramu

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During a previous interview with Graphic Showbiz, Sidney emphasized the importance of young musicians planning for their retirement, as youth and success are not permanent.

With new artists rising to the top, it would be unfortunate for them to struggle once they are no longer in the spotlight.

Sidney stated that the young ones are really doing well.

“I think they are doing very well because had it not been for them, the Francophones and the Nigerians would have flooded our markets. They are doing a very great job and holding the flag of Ghana high; they should keep the fire burning.”

“Everything that has a beginning has an end. Some of them get depressed because they don’t plan for their retirement.

“When they are up today, they should know that someone is following in their footsteps and will do better than them.

“So when the time comes and they are no more up there, they should not feel bad. They should know that they have paid their dues and start doing the things they love to keep them going,” he said.

Source – Tru News Report


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