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I’m Depressed- Hanks Anuku Speaks Amid Financial Struggles

Hanks Anuku recently opened up about his current state of depression. Despite his struggles, he has made it clear that he does not turn to hard drinks but instead uses alcohol as a temporary remedy.

The seasoned Nigerian actor has been unemployed for several years and has reached a breaking point due to his inability to provide for his family.

The actor shared exclusive details about his current situation in a video posted on Instagram. : “Yes, depression makes me drink but I never take hard drugs, I don’t take hard drugs at all. “Out of depression, I did not have a job for years, I was thinking about my children, their school fees and their welfare among other things and you know what it is like when it gets to that point. I call it a breaking point, I was broken to pieces and I had to go drinking and that is it”.

In a plea for help and support, which he made days ago, Hanks has called upon the Delta State Governor, Sheriff Oborevwori, and his fans to assist him during this difficult time. Despite his status as a legend in the Nigerian movie industry, Hanks has been struggling to make ends meet and is currently working as a fuel attendant at a gas station in Delta State.

He said, “I have worked for this country. I have attained the height of being a legend. But I’ve had no job for, God knows, how many years. And I expect that Nigerians will also know that I did it all for them. “I just gonna ask Governor Sheriff [Oborevwori] to please send support to me. And my fans who truly love and appreciate the works I’ve done for them, if you think you truly love me, may God help you all to help me.”

Source – Tru News Report


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