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I’m One Of Greatest Talents From Africa- Stonebwoy Speaks After TGMA Achievement

Stonebwoy has further fueled the fire of his critics by asserting that he deserved the Artiste of the Year award at the 25th edition of the Telecel Ghana Music Awards (TGMAs) over King Promise.

Stonebwoy claimed his position as one of the top talents to come out of Africa.

He emphasized that his fans have not been let down by his achievements at the TGMA, where he clinched five awards.

Furthermore, he suggested that his success at the TGMAs resonates with those who believe in his hard work and dedication. He posted;

“Thank You very much for the genuine Love And Support. All those who debate and argue the earth on my behalf, Our Deeds Are Speaking Volumes. For those Who trust that my hustle is a true reflection of their own individual stories

“Here is a proof that you’re a winner. This Reward of Hardwork is a True testament that Inside of me lies one of the Greatest Talents to ever emerge out of africa and If this makes me better than others, may they be inspired because there are others above, that inspire me too.. BHIM to The World 🌍”

See below for reactions to his post;

Amelia Amedela Amemate: Congratulations 👏🏾 You have worked day and night… chartering unchartered territories in Ghana and beyond… singing beyond just sounds… touching souls and speaking on Africa’s plight. For these and more, you deserve this recognition. Bhim!

MC Frank Quaye: Congrats to Stonebwoy for this AOTY award🙌🏾🔥. For me, you deserve it❤️.. HOWEVER, you honestly need a lot of work to do on your ego, esteem and expectations in life. The sense of entitlement, the thoughts of competition, cravings for recognition (awards), and the resentments were obvious in your speech. It’s like you define your worth with awards- when you are in fact, bigger than that. Doing your best to claim an award in 2019 which’s winner is unknown to the public, consequently claiming the untruth that you’ve won 3 awards when it’s 2, and thinking that people hate your success are clear forms of esteem, identity and personality crisis dude. You count on these awards as though they are a measure of your relevance.

“Trying to remind people about social media discussions that ensued prior to the night was highly unnecessary- as every year’s award comes with heated debates and conversations like these. It doesn’t mean anyone hates you. It’s an industry thing. And these conversations are necessary for the euphoria needed for the event.

“You need to understand that everything cannot revolve around you. It all looks like you are trying to prove something- when no one is actually doubting how good you are. Shatta wale(shatta movement) had a similar personality crisis, but the criticisms are making him learn faster than you are doing. Remember, shatta has not received a Ghanaian award for some time now- after he decided to remain away from these awards and focus on his happiness, business and fans.. but he remains relevant. Just look at the mad love from Bolgatanga.

“You should be rather appreciative of the past and the things that ensued. Cos they are what motivated you to get here. Just like Messi and Ronaldo, the two wouldn’t have been where they are if their past and respective careers hadn’t motivated them.

But they always make love lead. They never speak ill of another or make that intendment. At your level, your speech should have been a positive and inspiring one. In fact, you needed to have maintained a lot of composure to big up how far you’ve come and the fact that success it achievable regardless of situations…and not to reiterate a statement of pride that shows some sense of entitlement for the unknown past, while giving attention to what you call ‘haters’. You should grow pass that bro! Awards or recognitions do not define you.

“They are only extrinsic motivations that foster commitment to the work. In fact, your ‘shout out’ to Bolgatanga, Nima, Nungua and Momobi in the speech tells you that you have Shatta Wale and others in mind and just want recognition from those territories, but hey! Be yourself and do your thing rightly and all these would come to you like magic.

“At your musical level, you need to just enjoy whatever it is that you’re doing. Live your life to the fullest, giving it your best shot. That what’s keeps the soul healthy and the career relevance alive. In all, know that what matters most is what is rooted deeply in a your heart. This is what fuels the fire that drives people to continue living every single day of life with deep passion and a sense of purpose so that you can make a mark in the world. Just keep it clean.. and you’d win genuine love❤️🙌🏾.. Peace🙌🏾

Piesie Adepa Yaasika: We are grateful for your achievement Stonebwoy All the way for greater achievement than this .,God bless the womb that kept you for nine months, may Mummy spirit continue to rest well. We ask for divine protection upon you and your entire family and team. Bhim nation to the entire world 🌍

Source – Tru News Report


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