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Kojo Antwi Hints At Changing His Name

‘Mr. Music Man’, who goes by the real name Kojo Antwi, has hinted at changing his stage name as part of what looks like a rebranding agenda he wants to pursue.

The legendary artist gave the hint in an interview on Joy Prime, but said he would keep the details for that decision to himself for the time being.

With decades of experience in the music industry, he feels there is still room for improvement in his music career, therefore the need to rebrand and give more of himself to music fans.

Even if changes the name, he added, “I can always go back and tap into it, but I still feel there’s a lot that I have that is not out there.”

Kojo Antwi stated that his fans misunderstand the style of music he creates since he is not a highlife artist.

He defined his genre as “Afro Pop,” or “African Popular Music.”

Even though highlife influences can be heard in his songs, he claims to be able to perform any style since God gave him a voice that can do so.

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