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Lady Sues First Atlantic Bank Official For Sexual Harassment And Unfulfilled Promises After A Romantic Relationship

A manager at one of First Atlantic Bank’s branches in Accra, Ernest Kwasi Nimako, has been sued by a lady for sexual harassment and failure to fulfill promises made to her during their love affair.

Deborah Seyram Adablah, the plaintiff, claims that while working for the First Atlantic Bank, of which Kwasi Nimako is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), she was subjected to severe sexual harassment. She admits to being in a relationship with the married man Ernest Kwasi Nimako, after realizing that her happiness at work would be jeopardized if she did not give in to the relationship.

After completing her National Service, she was offered a permanent position at the company, but she turned it down because her manager had promised to provide for her in every way, including paying her rent, providing startup capital for a business she planned to start, buying her a new car, and even divorcing his substantive wife for her.

The lawsuit also claims that First Atlantic Bank knowingly allowed managers to have sexual encounters with junior female employees.

She continued by saying that the bank is involved in the practice of pressuring its female employees into unhealthy sexual connections with prospective customers.

According to Deborah, nearly every senior manager has a girlfriend at the bank, and they change the females at any time they want and managers of the bank are aware. On top of that, they take advantage of the female employees by making sexual advances towards wealthy customers in the hopes of sleeping with them and convincing them to create bank accounts.

Deborah Seyram Adablah claimed that the bank owed her a duty of care but not only failed to fulfill it, but also reportedly used her sexual attractiveness to entice wealthy men to register accounts with the financial institution.

Source – Tru News Report

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