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M.anifest Releases New Track ‘Suffer II’

Ghanaian rap maestro M.anifest has captivated fans with his most recent release, the poignant track titled “Suffer II,” serving as a sequel, or perhaps a reinterpretation, of his 2011 hit “Suffer.”

In “Suffer II,” M.anifest skillfully weaves together the familiar lyrics of the original 2011 song, seamlessly blending them with the melodic accompaniment of silky backup singers. However, what sets this rendition apart is the musical arrangement, which takes a departure from the original hip-hop beats. Instead, M.anifest opts for the soulful resonance of piano tunes, lending a fresh and emotive dimension to the track.

The decision to revisit “Suffer” with a piano-driven composition adds a layer of depth and vulnerability to the narrative. It showcases M.anifest’s artistic versatility and his ability to breathe new life into his own creations. The juxtaposition of the timeless lyrics against the backdrop of the piano underscores the enduring impact of the song’s message.

Listen to Suffer II below:

If you haven’t treated your ears to the original “Suffer,” go ahead and quench your curiosity by checking it out below!

Source – Tru News Report

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