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Mike Tyson Suffers Medical Emergency On Flight

Mike Tyson, the former heavyweight boxing champion, experienced feelings of nausea and dizziness during an American Airlines flight from Miami to Los Angeles on Sunday due to a flare-up of his ulcer. Upon landing at LAX, paramedics provided medical assistance to the 57-year-old.

This incident occurred just under two months before Tyson’s highly anticipated return to professional boxing, where he will face off against Jake Paul, a YouTube personality turned boxer, at the AT&T Stadium in Dallas, Texas

“Thankfully Mr. Tyson is doing great. He became nauseous and dizzy due to an ulcer flare up 30 minutes before landing. He is appreciative to the medical staff that were there to help him,” a statement read.

Tyson has been diligently preparing for his comeback to the boxing ring after an absence of almost twenty years following his TKO defeat to Kevin McBride in 2005.

Although he did engage in an exhibition fight against Roy Jones Jr. in November 2020, that particular bout did not contribute to his professional record.

The upcoming fight between Tyson and Paul will be broadcasted live on Netflix, attracting a massive audience of over 90,000 fans who will gather at the renowned NFL stadium to witness his return.

However, this fight has not been without its fair share of criticism, primarily due to the significant age difference between Tyson and Paul, with the former being three decades older than the Problem Child who is currently in his prime.

And Paul has already warned that he won’t hold back on Tyson, who’ll be 58 at the time of the fight. “So, I have to reciprocate that same energy,” Paul said. ” Mike Tyson is a killer. He’s ruthless. He’s the most vicious champion ever. So, I have to channel that Mike Tyson energy to finish him. And the legend must fall.”

“I love Mike. I’m super respectful of him. It’s an honour to be in the ring with him. But I have to end him,” he said last month, while also issuing some customary fighting talk, adding: “It’s war. All is fair in love and war. I love the guy, but as soon as it turned into a pro fight, one of us has to die.”

Source – Tru News Report


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