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[Listen] Usher Drops New R&B Jam “GLU”

Usher drops a new r&b slow jam days after saying he is about to “wake up R&B” amidst “R&B Is Dead” debate. He calls this “GLU”, which is produced by Sean “The Pen” Garrett, Lil Jon & The Avila Brothers.

After teasing “GLU” on Valentine’s Day, he added, “Part of the reason that I decide to launch it [then] is because it’s a day of love. And what I found is, a lot of people who maybe don’t have love, and they just wanted to have self-love on that day. So I’m like, ‘All right, so you got this song, and then you can experience it in a different way.’ And the guy and the girl, or whatever your taste is, received it. But more than anything, I think it is striking conversation about R&B, striking conversation about sex, and it’s striking conversation about that connection. And I like that. It feels connected. It feels like people want it. People feel like they want to have fun.”

Listen below:

Source – Tru News Report


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