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My Terrible Performance At Afrochella Was Influenced Spiritually – Mzbel

Ghanaian musician Belinda Nana Ekua Amoah, popularly known as Mzbel was scheduled to close up the second day of the event with some throwback songs that would be certain to thrill the crowd but unfortunately, her performance fell short of crowd expectations.

Mzbel has come out to say that her poor performance at Afrochella was spiritually manipulated. In an interview recently with Barima Agyemang, she said that a preacher had called her before the show to forewarn her that something terrible would occur if she performed without first undergoing a cleansing ritual.

Mzbel, however, said that she disregarded the pastor’s warning because she no longer trusted religious leaders.

“A prophet contacted me before I went on the program, introduced himself as a fan, and told me that he had a vision showing that there was a plot to embarrass me on the show that originated in the spiritual realm. However, because of my prior experiences with preachers, I ignored his counsel. As a result, I stopped answering his calls.

Although I am a spiritual person and many others have phoned to affirm that what occurred is spiritual, I should have been aware that the energy around me at the time had been influenced “her comment.

Mzbel elaborated that she felt off during her performance at Afrochella and two other performances she had that day and that she should have listened to the pastor’s advice.

Watch the full interview below

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