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Nana Akua Addo to Sue Nigerian Designer N50m For Claiming She Designed Her Stunning AMVCA Dress

Ghanaian fashion icon Nana Akua Addo is on the verge of a legal dispute with Nigerian designer Ezinne Olivia, who boldly asserted that she was the mastermind behind the breathtaking dress worn by Nana Akua at the Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCA).

Nana Akua has issued a stern warning to the Nigerian designer, demanding a retraction of her statement and a sincere apology within the next 48 hours. Failure to comply will undoubtedly result in trouble for Ezinne Olivia.

Renowned for her impeccable fashion taste, Nana Akua once again stole the limelight at the prestigious award ceremony with her extraordinary dress, garnering immense praise from all corners.

However, Ezinne Olivia emerged from the shadows, basking in the euphoria, and claiming full credit for the outfit’s creation. She insisted that she single-handedly designed the dress, yet received no acknowledgement for her efforts.

Nana Akua Addo swiftly refuted these claims, revealing that the dress was actually designed in Ghana and sourced from China. She humbly admitted to playing a minor role in its creation, contrary to Ezinne Olivia’s assertions.

Furthermore, it has come to light that Ezinne Olivia was given the option to either be credited or receive payment for her involvement in the dress’s production. She willingly chose the latter, making it unjust for her to now express discontent over not being acknowledged.

A part of the statement lawyers of Nana Akua issued states;

We act as Solicitors to Nana Akua Addo (hereinafter referred to as our “Client”) and we have her express instructions to write you on the above-subject matter.

Our client’s attention has been drawn to several spurious posts and vile comments about her earlier today on several social media platforms, wherein you alleged that the dress she wore to the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards (AMVCA) on the 11th May, 2024 was made by you and she failed to give you the recognition and credits, thereby setting her for various individuals to make vile and demeaning comments and subsequently portraying her as a fraud.

It is instructive to state that our client denies and states that your allegations are false, misleading, malicious and intent to destroy her hard earned reputation and we wish the set the record straight on the transaction between yourself and our client:

1. Our client’s dress is a 3D design masterpiece ordered from China for the sum $3,000 (Three Thousand USD) to be assembled in Ghana in preparation for the AMVCA at Eko Hotel & Suites, Lagos, Nigeria.

2. Upon the delivery of the dress to Ghana, Our client’s designer Yoli couldn’t completely assemble the dress, as it could not fit in the garments suit case due to the complexity of the 3D design on the dress, she then decided to bring it down to Nigeria for it to be assembled.

3. Due to the inability of our client’s Ghanaian designer to arrive Lagos early, our client engaged your services via your IG handle (Ezinneolivia_styling), seeking your services to make an undergarment of the dress and assist Yoli to complete the final assembling of her outfit.

4. Upon our client’s arrival in Lagos, Nigeria, our client’s designer gave you several instructions towards the official fitting of the dress, and upon its conclusion, our client provided you with the option of receiving compensation either in cash or through recognition (being tagged on Instagram), you opted for the former and subsequently provided our client with a breakdown of the payment.

5. Our client made a payment of the sum of N406,000.00 (Four hundred and six thousand Naira only) to your account via a third-party account, which the said payment was acknowledged, and as further from of appreciation, she gave you an additional $100 One Hundred Dollars for the assistance in getting the job done.

Source – Tru News Report


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