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Nana Romeo Calls Out Hypocritical Ghanaians For Not Turning Up For Dumsor Must Stop Demo

Nana Romeo has criticized Ghanaians for their inconsistent behaviour following the unsuccessful Dumsor Must Stop demonstration organized by Yvonne Nelson.

He believes that the issues highlighted in the demonstration are prevalent and affect every Ghanaian, making it hypocritical for them not to support the cause.

The radio personality points out that due to their allegiance to a particular political party, Ghanaians have chosen to remain silent and refrain from expressing their dissatisfaction.

Romeo urges Ghanaians to abandon their hypocritical tendencies and actively address the challenges hindering the country’s progress. He said this on UTV’s United Showbiz.

“We are not truthful in this country. No one in this country can tell me we are not suffering. Nine years ago the people rose against the government. After nine years the challenges reared their ugly head again and no one wants to come out and support the vigil but people are justifying it.

I now understand why people say NDC is the political party that suffers when they are in power. Look at the numbers at Yvonne Nelson’s vigil. I even got sad. If the lights go off in the morning and come at night it means there is no production and work done in the day. There is hypocrisy in the system and that is what was displayed at the vigil.

This was supposed to be a nationalistic agenda to get the leaders of the country aware of the suffering of the Ghanaian people but the attendance was poor. This is why we cannot develop as a country. We will continue to suffer because we do not want to hold our leaders accountable for their actions,” he lamented.

Before the event, Yvonne Nelson, the frontrunner of the movement, has expressed her determination on X, stating that even if only a few people show up for the protest, the goal remains the same – to hold the government accountable and put an end to the notorious frequent power outages, commonly known as Dumsor.

The actress and House of Gold producer said despite feeling unwell for some time, she is ready to march and demonstrate her frustration with the Nana Akufo-Addo-led government, which she believes is characterized by arrogance and pride.

She posted; “My Health hasn’t been 100%,but i will still walk from legon down to tetteh quarshie in protest of a better GH for my kids and their kids.Even if it’s just me,5 of us,20 or a 1000.I will still walk.We don’t deserve bad governance coupled with lies and arrogance.#dumsormuststop”

Source – Tru News Report


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