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Never Pay Tithe, Pastors Use It To Enrich Themselves- Actor Oboy Siki

Another perceptive has been shared on the age-long debate hovering around tithes by controversial Kumawood actor Oboy Siki.

Oboy Siki asserted in an interview with Neat FM that in the past, tithes were given to street preachers who were completely devoted to serving God and nothing else, saying that the tithe was instituted in order to help such people.

He continued by saying that most pastors now use the church as a way to amass cash, which is why he called on the government to tax the church.

He expressed his opinion as depicted in the quote below;

The tithe that we’re paying, in the past, it was for those that preach at the time who had no work but were only dedicated to the work of God and preaching repentance to Christians. Those times when you go to the farm, whatever you get, you support the preachers with it. Either plantain, cassava or anything from the farm. So, I recalled my mother asking me often to donate such items to the preachers.

Siki then emphasised the new dimension ascribed to tithes in the modern set-up by contemporary pastors.

The tithe is for the pastors; they take it and spend it. For the tithe, there’s no accountability so there’s no need to pay tithe because the pastors are enriching themselves with it. They use the money to pay school fees for their children in big schools so I am even of the opinion that the government should tax the tithe.

He added that he accepts offerings to be paid in the church because they are a source of funds for church renovations.

Source – Tru News Report


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