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New Trailer: Ezra Miller As ‘The Flash’; Rewriting Time And Resurrecting Superheroes In Epic Showdown

In a world where speed reigns supreme, one man possesses the power to alter time itself. Meet Barry Allen, also known as “The Flash.” Gifted with incredible super speed, Barry has used his extraordinary abilities to fight crime and protect his city. But what if he could do more?

Barry’s life was forever changed when a tragic event took away his family. Haunted by their loss, he becomes consumed by a desperate desire to rewrite history. Using his incredible speed, Barry embarks on a daring mission to change the past and save his loved ones.

However, altering the course of time comes with a price. Barry’s attempt to rewrite his personal history inadvertently creates a ripple effect that alters the entire world. In this new reality, there are no super heroes. Gone are the iconic figures who once inspired hope and fought for justice.

Now, in a world without super heroes, chaos and darkness threaten to engulf everything Barry holds dear. Forced to confront the consequences of his actions, he finds himself in a race against time. With the fate of the future hanging in the balance, Barry must use his speed not only to outrun his adversaries but also to rediscover the true meaning of heroism.

Get ready to witness an electrifying journey as Barry Allen defies the odds, conquers his past, and races toward a brighter future. The Flash will rise, not just to save his family, but to save the very essence of heroism itself.

Coming to Theatres June 16. Watch trailer below:

Source – Tru News Report

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