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Nike Executives Allegedly Engage In Oral Sex With Female Employees In Company Gym

According to the case filed in a United States District Court, male executives at the sports corporation’s Oregon headquarters sexually harassed women, said the New York Post.

In a lawsuit alleging gender discrimination, Nike officials were accused of targeting drunk female employees and dismissing their concerns. Former workers Sara Johnston and Kelly Cahill filed the complaint.

In one instance, a female worker watched an executive engaging in oral sex with a co-worker in the campus gym.

Another female worker reported male co-workers advised her to dress “sexier” and expose more flesh at the office.

Other female workers were reportedly invited to work meals where management anticipated they would eventually sleep with them.

Several women participated in an anonymous survey on gender prejudice and sexual harassment, but they did not report the incidents to Human Resources out of fear of being refused.

One employee thought the company’s culture and workplace behaviour made women powerless against their male co-workers.

The polls were performed in 2018, and a judge denied Nike’s plea to keep survey results confidential. Former CEO, Mark Parker, desired various management changes and demanded responsibility after receiving the surveys.

As soon as the adjustments were implemented, eleven executives quit the organization.

According to Complex, the plaintiffs accused Nike of underpaying female employees by $11,000 from 2015 to 2019, but the company’s attorneys said there is no evidence.

A federal court refused the motion that was submitted earlier this year.

However, the women seek to appeal the verdict since Nike’s faults were all round, not just a few executives at the Oregon headquarters.

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