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Osofo Kyiriabosom’s Wife Filed For Divorce After He Had A Child With His Mistress And She Wants Custody Of His Three Children

Christian Kwabena Andrews, popularly known as Osofo Kyiriabosom, is the Ghana Union Movement’s founder and a self-proclaimed man of God whose wife has filed for divorce because of his adultery.

He’s the leader of the Life Assembly Worship Church. Osofo Kyiriabosom’s wife, Princess Andrews, left him and his marital home for nearly a year after he publicly admitted to having a child with another lady outside of his marriage and has pledged to outdoor the child when the time is appropriate. To put an end to speculation about his wife’s whereabouts, Osofo Kyiri told his congregation that he and his wife had divorced.

He said “Some years ago, she and a group of pastors said on the radio that I am facilitating the operations of my church by the power of a demonic spirit. Later, when she came to me to say she was sorry, I was able to forgive her as a spouse. I had to be on my guard once again since it seemed like this woman was always changing churches.”

He’s being taken to court by his ex-wife, who wants a portion of his property as well as custody of their three children.

“The Reason Because I conceived a child with another lady outside of his marriage. The child so beautiful. My partner took me to court and battled for my property. She has filed the case in several jurisdictions. It’s time for you to break the news to her that I no longer want to be married to her since she was not supportive of my decision to fulfill God’s call to the ministry.

“Stop spreading rumors about my wife; she had nothing to do with God calling me, and I alone am responsible for using the authority God has bestowed upon me as the pastor of this church. If she says she’s leaving, then she definitely go. when I need assistance, I’m sure I can find a stunning woman to come to my aid,” he said.

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