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P-Square Kneels Down & Apologises to Fans For Breaking Up At Afro Nation Concert in Accra

P-Square has apologized to their fans for depriving them of good music for years due to their breakup.

This apology was delivered by the duo made up of two twin brothers- Paul and Peter Okoye at the 2022 Afro Nation musical extravaganza at Blackstar Square in Accra on Friday morning, December 30, 2022.

After singing their third song, the evergreen group paused and knelt down unexpectedly after which they begged for forgiveness from their fans gathered there and all over the world to forgive them for going their separate ways six years ago.

“We apologise for denying you good music for five years because of our breakup,“ the duo stated in unison.

The pair broke up in 2016 and decided to go solo with their careers over issues many described as ‘irreconcilable.’

As separate artists, independent of each other, Peter adopted the moniker ‘Mr P’ while Paul became known as ‘Rudeboy.’ Not only did the separation affect their careers, but it also affected their personal lives.

It’s refreshing that they are back to solidify their pedigree in the industry and give their fans undiluted music which they are famously known for.

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