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Shatta Wale Hosts Up-And-Coming Artistes In His Hotel Room For Pep Talk

Shatta Wale, one of the most prominent and influential artists of today, used his position to offer words of encouragement to aspiring artists who paid a visit to his hotel in Navrongo following his concert in the Northern Region recently.

During the interaction, he advised the young talents to steer clear of drugs and concentrate on honing their musical skills.

He also mentioned that he has refrained from smoking marijuana for a while now, opting for cigarettes instead.

“Make your focus go the music more. Leave some things. I smoke alright but about five months now I have not smoked weed. I know people will not believe me.

“It’s just cigarette that I smoke now,” he revealed, acknowledging that his claim might be met with skepticism.

“Sometimes you need to quit certain things and focus on yourself. But the tramol and those things, don’t take it because I have boys who took those things are condemned now,” he told them.

Shatta Wale has said in an interview that he possesses the necessary qualities to become the president of the country.

He mentioned that his father is encouraging him to pursue a career in politics to utilize his significant influence to address the various challenges faced by Ghanaians.

During a radio interview with Amansan Krakye, he shared that this encouragement serves as a driving force for him to further his education and acquire the knowledge needed for the responsibilities that lie ahead.

Shatta Wale emphasized that effective politics is not about using complex language, stating that Ghana does not require such verbosity.

He stressed the importance of having capable individuals who can effectively manage the system, highlighting that many competent individuals have left the country. Shatta Wale described Ghana not as a country, but as an estate.

Source – Tru News Report


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