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If You Are Dating A Lady That Expects You to Provide For Her, Cheat On Her- Twitter Influencer, John Doe

John Doe has explained on his Twitter page why men should cheat on their women. He insisted that not all women should expect their boyfriends to be faithful and courteous.

The media celebrity thinks that men should cheat on women who want financial support from them. He continued by saying that these women are not distinct from sex workers. He claims that if their boyfriends quit supporting them, those kinds of women will end the relationship.

In his words:

“If you are dating a lady that expects you to provide for her, like her father. Cheat on her and rub it on her face. She’s not different from an olosho. You don’t stay faithful to an olosho. And she will leave you if you’re not providing all that stuff for her.”

Reacting to this post, pendrick_p wrote: “I agree, They want provision before they can submit in a dating relationship. And they sell their loyalty only to the highest bidder provided the provision is non-stop. Men are just dating oloshos.”

Its_Unchained added: “My guy cheats with recklessly abandon and rubs it on his Gf’s face and she still comes back because he provides for her. She caught him days ago she packed her bags yet didn’t leave because he was to send money to her mum. Really crazy situation.”

See the post below:

Source – Tru News Report


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