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Side Chick Seen Hanging Like ‘Spiderman’ On Wall After Wife Of Married Man She’s Dating Barged In

A side chick had a bad day when the married man she has been dating came home unannounced.

The lady sneaked out and somewhat hung on the wall on the balcony in order to avoid being detected by the wife of the married man.

The scantily dressed side chick leapt over the balcony and hid on a ledge on the wall in an effort to avoid being seen by the woman as sighted in a video shared on Twitter.

On the balcony, the guy could be seen yelling at his wife while curious neighbours filmed the ‘action’.

After the argument between husband and wife, the furious woman dashed out and once the coast was clear, the side chick climbed back and escaped.

In other intriguing story shared by Tru News Report, a Nigerian woman whose name is identified on Twitter as Olowofade has sent social media into a meltdown after she mocked a guy she was having a crush on.

Fade disclosed that she finally met her crush after adoring him and communicating with him on the microblogging website Twitter for four months.

The young lady shared a picture of his room and voiced her shock at how filthy it was. Olowofade claimed that as soon as she got to his house, the feelings she had for him evaporated into thin air.

She brought attention to the way some men portray themselves on social media as content bachelors. There were no tiles, only a carpet in the picture she shared. He mounted his TV on the wall even though the walls were unpainted.

Fade also took notice of his the young man’s kitchenware and utensils tucked in one corner of the room.

She shared this on Twitter saying; “I visited my Twitter crush of about 4 months and this is how his room looks like😩,all the love first run comot aswear😂. So y’all just form rubbish on Twitter. I’m so done !!!🥺”

Source – Tru News Report


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