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Atsu Never Wanted People to Know About His Philanthropism- Saddick Adams Insists

Former Journalist of the Year award winner Saddick Adams aka Sports Obama has said Christian Atsu instructed him and other journalists privy to his sense of philanthropism not to make any of his charitable endeavours public, which is why they rarely publicized them.

He mentioned this when he took his turn to pay tribute to the former Ghanaian international who lost his life in the devastating earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria.

Obviously, Obama made this known in reaction to people’s assertion that people are praising Atsu after he died but never spoke about his good deeds when he was alive.

“People are asking why we didn’t talk about his charity works when he was alive. We would have loved to talk about it but when you do, he will text you and say, Alhaji me I don’t like that ohh. Lets keep it private.”

“What people are saying about him are nothing but the truth, just that he wanted them to be private. The last time he left Ghana, I saw him briefly a day before at the airport and I was supposed to see him the day he was leaving on the 22nd of July 2022 but I forgot I had a meeting with him,” Saddick Adams stated.

Source – Tru News Report


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