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Every Time He Comes Here, They Organise A Party For Us- Orphanage That Benefits From Atsu’s Generosity Mourn Him

Children from the Becky’s Foundation orphanage have emotionally been left in tatters after learning of the demise of their biggest benefactor Christian Atsu following his death in the recent devastating earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria.

Atsu provided philanthropism for the kids using his position as an ambassador at Arms Around the Child by enrolling them in school and providing them with the aid they required.

The devastated children, according to a story shared by GHOne, were sobbing uncontrollably as they spoke about the never-ending support they had from Atsu.

One of the boys admitted to the reporter that Atsu was their father, brother, and uncle and that he offered them hope; however, he also claimed that they no longer have that hope.

Christian Atsu is like a father, an uncle, and a brother. In fact, he is our everything. He was our number one supporter doing countless things. He was the one giving us hope. Getting us better education and a lot of support. But as I speak to you today, we are hopeless and our heads are in our hands.”

One girl, full of tears and shaky voice, recounted the fun moments they had with Atsu, adding that she misses the former Newcastle United man.

“Every time he comes here they organise a party for us. Sometimes he sends us to Shoprite to enjoy ourselves. He said he is going to play football. I miss him so much.”

In addition to sustaining the kids at the orphanage, the former Newcastle star offered assistance to people who had been convicted of and punished for relatively minor crimes.

Christian Atsu helped the ex-convict reintegrate into society by paying penalties for small infractions that resulted in imprisonment along with The Crime Check Foundation in Ghana.

He paid the fines for 130 minor offenders and backed the non-custodial sentencing move.

Source – Tru News Report


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