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“Don’t Sit On TV And Say People With Depression Are Stupid” – S3fa Clashes With Bullgod

S3fa slammed Bulldog for saying that people with depression are stupid, during a conversation on United Showbiz on March 18, 2023.

When addressing the health condition of Ghanaian artist Kidi, S3fa explained how, whenever she encounters symptoms of depression, she usually remains indoors, prays, and maintains her composure. Bullgod, on the other hand, didn’t agree with what S3fa said. He said he couldn’t understand why a believer or human would let themselves get depressed.

“Luckily for me, my team nobody has said something of that sort (depression), because we’re with God. If you don’t have God that’s where you get depression”

“See, let me tell you, my friend called me and complained of being depressed and I said see, you’re a fool and he asked me why? So, I told him if you allow your brain to wallow around and pick up on things that you don’t even know its usefulness, that’s how you get depressed”. Bullgod said.

However, S3fa took offence at Bullgod’s comment and responded: “Let me look to the camera and tell everybody at home who is going through depression that, you’re not stupid, because it is a feeling and the way you feel about being depressed is not the same way someone else feels about being depressed because we’re both different humans.

“And I believe that when it comes to what Bull said, I don’t really understand what he’s saying, but I think, God is good…. everybody is free to feel whatever they want to feel. You can’t tell someone, you can’t feel that way; because when I get home and I lock my doors at night, you’re not there with me.”

When the host, MzGee, asked her how depression feels like, S3fa said, “For me in particular, when I feel like I’m about to feel that kind of way, I just withdraw from everybody… I feel this sort of lonely void, and it has nothing to do with my job or what I’m doing. I just don’t feel like myself at that point in time, and I feel sick, but that doesn’t mean that I am sick; I just don’t want to be around people, but that is the way I feel about it, but someone’s depression might make them feel like they want to die or kill themselves.”

So if you sit on TV, a whole national TV, UTV and you say that when your friend says something about depression and say you’re stupid.. There are young people watching, imagine how they’re going to feel like they can’t talk about these things,” she added.

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Source – Tru News Report

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