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Football365 Ranks Manchester City Boss Pep Guardiola No.1 Premier League Manager Of All Time

The “Best Premier League Manager of All Time” list compiles the managers who have won the most points per game in the Premier League. The cut-off point is 50 games.

10) Carlo Ancelotti (Chelsea and Everton): 1.84 pts per game

The Italian has managed in each of the five major European leagues, but his Premier League record is by far the worst of the bunch, which can be largely attributed to Everton. The fact that he managed Everton still feels like a dream.

9) Mikel Arteta (Arsenal): 1.84 pts per game

Mikel Arteta is surrounded by a distinguished group. The Gunners’ Premier League lead appears to be well-deserved. Arteta has done a superb job of assembling a young, exciting team despite the fact that they have spent a fortune to get there.

8) Thomas Tuchel (Chelsea): 1.94 pts per game

Good, but ultimately insufficient for Chelsea, who fired him in September 2022 with the Blues in sixth place and despite his talent. Was it severe? Extremely so. Does Chelsea look better after his dismissal? Certainly not.

7) Arsene Wenger (Arsenal): 1.96 pts per game

Long after he probably should have resigned, the high of the Invincibles (2.37 PPM) became the low of his final season in charge of Arsenal (1.66 RPM). The fact that he stayed longer than he was invited to probably cost him a few spots on this list.

6) Jose Mourinho (Chelsea, Manchester United, Tottenham): 2.03 pts per game

His final half-season at Chelsea was disastrous, his final half-season at Manchester United was only marginally better, and his relationship with Tottenham was never comfortable. But there is no doubt that Jose Mourinho’s first Chelsea team was one of the best in the Premier League. He would be wise to avoid a return that would further tarnish his legacy.

5) Antonio Conte (Chelsea and Tottenham): 2.04 pts per game

He may be a sourpuss who could leave at any moment, but by golly, he is good at winning football games. He won the Premier League in his first season at Chelsea, and not even a subpar second season could dim his brilliance.

4) Roberto Mancini (Manchester City): 2.05 pts per game

He won Manchester City’s inaugural Premier League championship. What else do you need? Well, apparently much more; he was fired a year after winning the position for failing to meet certain goals. It seems absurd that City ever went an entire year without winning a trophy, but 2013 was a different time.

3) Jurgen Klopp (Liverpool): 2.11 pts per game

The Reds’ 2.61 PPM from the year in which they won the championship dropped to 1.82 as they struggled. It is remarkable that he brought that number back up to 2.42 last season, but this season has been less remarkable.

2) Sir Alex Ferguson (Manchester United): 2.16 pts per game

In 21 Premier League seasons, Ferguson’s Manchester United team fell below the two points per game threshold only twice. This is nothing less than amazing consistency from a great manager who was able to put together three great teams. Most will always view him as the greatest player of all time, regardless of the accomplishments of those who rank above or below him on this list.

1) Pep Guardiola (Manchester City): 2.33 pts per game

The former FIFA World Coach of the Year agreed to move to Manchester City for the 2016–17 Premier League season after three years in Munich. The following season, Manchester City broke the Premier League record for most consecutive wins with 18 victories between August and December 2017. Guardiola secured his first league title in English football with 106 goals, 32 victories, and 100 points for Manchester City during the 2017-18 Premier League season.

Matches 252, Wins 185, Draws 33, Losses 34, Goals For 625, Goals Against 206.

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Source – Tru News Report


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